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* Product Material:

  Cup body: PC

  Cover: ABS

  Base: ABS

* Maximum capacity: 300ml

* Battery: 18650, capacity: 1500 mAh

* Speed: 13000 r/min

* Power: 45w

* Voltage: 3.7V

* Number of ribs: 3

* Color: dark green pink white light green

* Product size: diameter 70mm high 190mm

* Color box size: 80*80*202mm

* Product weight: 250g


1. Multi-functional collection, can squeeze juice, beat eggs, make milkshakes, purees, smoothies;

2. Large-capacity rechargeable battery, fully charged once, can work continuously for 10 cups;

3. Car charging, charging treasure charging, power charging;

4. Rechargeable, portable, portable, ready to use;

5. The product can be used as a water cup;

6. The cup cover is separated, the power is automatically cut off, and the safety protection is ensured.

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